Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This week America’s Best Dance Crew met the Bollywood Challenge in their pursuit of the title of America’s Best Dance Crew.

Host Mario Lopez announced the six crews remained in the competition -- We Are Heroes, Beat Ya Feet Kings, Rhythm City, Vogue Evolution, Massive Monkees and AfroBorike. And he immediately revealed that Massive Monkees were safe.

Massive Monkees performed Bhangra style of Bollywood. JC Chasez said, “I realized how many times you changed formations. That was nice.” Shane Sparks added, “The confidence that you have right now is what I expect. This is one of the best performances you have done in a while.” And Lil Mama added, “It was very energetic, a cool pace. That was so strong.”

Lopez announced of the two crews, We Are Heroes and Vogue Evolution – one was safe and one was not. Safe was Vogue Evolution – so We Are Heroes was in the bottom two crews.

Vogue Evolution danced the Rejasthani, working the scarves into their routine. Lil Mama said, “Your performance was good, but it was not excellent.” JC Chasez said, “I thought it was a good performance. You performed that number like professionals. You pulled it together.” And Shane Sparks wrapped up the comments, “Your intro was lovely – with the scarves it was sexy. You will work it all out.”

Next Lopez announced two more crew as safe and the other in danger of going home. Safe were Rhythm City and AfroBorike. Beat Ya Feet Kings moved into the bottom two, meaning that they would dance to survive against We Are Heroes.

Rhythm City performed a Bharato Natyum – which Shane Sparks said, “I love this group. It was beautiful.” Lil Mama said, “You gave a straight Rhythm City. It was really good.” And JC Chasez added, “It was a good performance – a lot of stunt work.”

AfroBorike danced Khatak. Lil Mama said, “This was your best performance since you have been on the show.” JC Chasez thought, “It was a good performance. If you want to win, it has to be on the table every week.” And Shane Sparks opined, “You are so talented. You have to kill it every time you come out there. Good job.”

Of the bottom two, We Are Heroes performed first – doing a Giddha. Beat Ya Feet Kings followed with their assigned style, Garba.

Lil Mama said of We Are Heroes, “That rocked. You really worked this. It was good.”

Shane Sparks spoke of Beat Ya Feet Kings, “If you are going to do something, take it to the next level. You all used levels this time. I want you to take your stuff to another level. Do it from the heart.”

JC Chasez said of We Are Heroes, “You combined two styles and made it into one. I loved when you got sexy for the first time, and you sent from sexy to tough. The prop work was nice. Beat Ya Feet Kings, I know where you come from. It is special to watch someone who puts it all on the line. You gave it your all. I like the hip movement. I love that you are doing this for the people that you love. Wonderful job.”

Lopez announced that of the two bottom crews, the judges voted to return was We Are Heroes.

Beat Ya Feet Kings’ banner was lowered as they dance and left the stage for the final time.

Monday, August 24, 2009


The list of competitors remaining in dance competition for the $100,000 grand prize and title of America’s Best Dance Crew was narrowed to six this week. The flag of Southern Movement fell – as the crew was voted off the show despite a brilliant performance this week.

Host Mario Lopez quickly announced that two crews that had been voted safe were AfroBorike and We Are Heroes – leaving five crews still at risk of being sent home. And he announced that the week’s challenge would be martial arts.

First performing was AfroBorike who brought the Brazilian flavor of martial arts style capoira to “I Know You Want Me.” Shane Sparks said, “The routine was boring, choreography was weak and there was no energy.” Lil Mama said, “I believe that you have to bring it.” And JC added, “It was not a spectacular routine.”

We Are Heroes then performed to “Starstruck.” Lil Mama thought, “You are not afraid to take risks, and you bring a very intriguing part to the show.” JC opined, “I thought that it started a little slow, but it did pick up. Coolest thing was over and under. Great stunt work.” And Shane added, “I agree with JC. It did start slow, but you executed tasks well.”

Following the two initial performances, Lopez announced that Vogue Evolution would move on – and Rhythm City would be in the bottom two crews.

Vogue Evolution, assigned a Kung Fu style of martial arts, performed to “Work.” JC Chasez said, “That performance woke me up. The choreography was fun.” Shane Sparks said, “I did not like it at all.” And Lil Mama said, “I agree with JC. You didn’t give us difficult choreography, but you did give us visuals, images. And I appreciate that.”

One crew moving on, said Lopez, -- was Massive Monkees. Then he announced that an additional crew that was safe was Beat Ya Feet Kings. That meant that Southern Movement would be the second of crews in the bottom two.

Massive Monkees next hit the stage with an energetic, extreme martial arts routine to “Bounce.” Shane Sparks offered, “It was a very exciting routine, but I thought you took the easy road.” JC Chasez said, “I saw a nice combat kind of thing. But you didn’t quite do the task.” Lil Mama finished the assessments with, “Your performance was action packed. I enjoyed it.”

Beat Ya Feet Kings got a tae kwan do challenge -- which was all about the feet. They performed to “Chillin.” Lil Mama opined, “It was a smooth pace. I love the fact that you tried some fun elements.” Shane Sparks offered, “I need to get excited about something creative – so I have to push you all. Step it up.” And JC Chasez said, “That routine was like running a marathon.”

Then it was time for the back-to-back dance-off between Southern Movement and Rhythm City -- to determine which crew would remain and which would be heading home.

Rhythm City danced buay thai moves to “LaLaLa” -- while Southern Movement took on an assignment of kali to “Ugly.”

Shane Sparks said of Rhythm City, “Give it up ladies and gentlemen. You are so ridiculous. You came up tonight, and put yourself back on the map.”

JC Chasez said of Southern Movement, “We just saw the two best performances of the night. You got dealt the hardest task. Passing sticks is hard.”

Lil Mama ended with, “I come from real street battles. That was a battle. It was like you both had a point to prove. We have to choose between you – it’s tough.”

In the final moments of the show, Lopez reminded that the judges felt that both crews at risk had given the best routines of the night – but one still had to be sent home. Then he announced that the crew moving on would be Rhythm City.

And Southern Movement walked off as their flag fell.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew rocked to the music of Beyonce on the series’ second episode on Sunday night, eight crews questing for the show’s dancing crown and$100,000 grand prize.

Host Mario Lopez opened the show with the announcement of two teams voted safe by fans and moving on to another week -- We Are Heroes and Rhythm City.

Beyonce assigned each of the crews their “unique task” based on her music.

First up in the Beyonce challenge were We Are Heroes – assigned a grind section of hit Single Ladies. Shane Sparks said, “You murdered it. You all killed it from beginning to end.” Lil Mama opined, “One of the favorite parts was when you created a heart.” And JC Chasez added, “We saw a lot of different styles in one performance – overall I did like the performance.”

Second was Rhythm City from the Bronx who Beyonce assigned the Charleston performed to Sweet Dreams. Lil Mama led off with, “I liked how you started out the performance, and you ended the same way. It was okay; it was clean.” JC Chasez opined, “You guys have to respect your history, learn from it and take it to the next level.” And Shane Sparks complimented, “This was the most creative piece I’ve seen in a while. I saw creativity, a little theatrical -- I loved that.”

Lopez then named two more crews voted safe by fans -- Massive Monkeys and Beat Ya Feet Kings.

Beyonce provided a very creative assignment to Massive Monkeys – using hula-hoops to Work It Out. JC Chasez enthused, “JD jumps over four hula hoops. That’s bananas. Stunts were great. Good job.” Shane Sparks said, “With those hula-hoops I was like, what’s going on there? Next time let’s get rid of the hula hoops.” Lil Mama said, “I think this group is very entertaining. I was excited.”

Beat Ya Feet Kings, placed in the bottom three last week, performed to Crazy In Love. Shane Sparks said, “It wasn’t my favorite piece, but what you came up with was very nice.” JC Chasez added, “I think you’ve gotta get loose, but not get sloppy. It was nice to see your sportsmanship up there.” Lil Mama, “Your personality was on point from end to end. Beyonce. Beyonce.”

Of the four crews still waiting to hear who would move on, Lopez said announced that two crews coming back next week would be Southern Movement and Vogue Evolution. That meant, said Lopez, “Artistry In Motion vs AfroBorike– for one of you, it is your last week on the show.”

Southern Movement provided a country feel to “Jumpin Jumpin” – their assignment being bounce, shake, twist and dip. Lil Mama said, “I like how you kept the female feminine. You all could have brought it. It was okay.” Shane Sparks opined, “The beginning was so sharp. You keep blowing my mind. I loved it.” JC Chasez added, “You came out really clean. I don’t know if the difficulty level was there so turn up the difficulty a little bit.”

Vogue Evolution was asked to go to the roots of dance with Déjà vu. JC Chasez expressed, “You guys just woke me up. There are so many things that I liked about the performance. You used the whole stage. You connected with the audience.” Lil Mama said, “You all brought the energy that the show needed tonight.” And Shane Sparks added, “Naomi, every day someone is saying your name. They love you. Now I see why. You ripped the stage tonight.”

AfroBorike and Artistry In Motion, only one of you can survive,” reminded Lopez.

Both crews performed back-to-back. Artistry In Motion, up first, strutted their stuff to Diva. And AfroBorike followed with a routine working belly dancing into Beautiful Liar.

Lil Mama said, “Artistry In Motion had the toughest challenge tonight. That chain was amazing."

Shane Sparks said of AfroBorike, “What I like is that you bring something different and yet intertwined it with what is happening today.”

And JC Chasez concluded, “I think this is two good crews going head-to-head. Artistry In Motion, I liked the story line. There’s only 45 seconds,and you did kind of hold back a bit. AfroBorike, I see chemistry and a real sexuality. It was fun to watch -- again two great crews battling it out.”

In winner take all showdown, host Mario Lopez – after a lengthy pause to give fans a chance to ponder who would survive and who would go home – announced that the evening’s survivor was AfroBorike.

Artistry In Motion was eliminated from the competition, and the crew’s banner fell.
Seven crews move on to another round next week.